Finally had the chance to clean out my camera bag and found two additional SD cards. Found some really neat photos from 2015 and will share them on here, soon enough. This is from the SF Giants’ final game of the season. My wife bought tickets for my birthday (She tried to keep this a yearly tradition, but it didn’t work out.) We weren’t really interested in the game since a) she was super pregnant with our daughter and b) the Giants were eliminated from the postseason. Only thing that did catch our attention was the long retirement ceremony for Tim Hudson and I think, Jeremy Affeldt. Anyway, we didn’t go to our seats till maybe the 4th inning (if I remember correctly) because the sun had been shining in our section, which made it too hot for Dar. So we hung out in the club level, bought tons of food and walked around. I was able to snap some photos during the game, but the photos above were the best ones out of the bunch. I really liked them because I was able to capture the expressions of the boy during a rally. It was neat because he was jacked up on cotton candy lol.

Crazy, how I still vividly remember this day.


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