2017 is here and to be honest, 2016 seemed like a blur. I woke up this morning thinking about 2016 and wondered what significant events for me. Some things off the top of my head:

  • My brother and sister-in-law announced they were having a baby. I was going to become an uncle. My nephew, Talib, was born October 14th, 2016 and is almost as heavy as Olivia. lol.
  • My wife and I making the decision of having her stay home with Olivia, full-time, while I work
    • This was definitely a challenge, being the sole source of income for my family. There was a lot of pressure on my end, but I knew this is what God wanted us for our family. I simply had to trust and not worry about the ‘what-ifs’.
  • My wife and I volunteered to lead a Jr. High camp over Memorial Day Weekend. This was definitely an experience that I will never forget. Working with a group that was devoted in serving and encouraging these kids to live their lives for the Lord. It was truly a humbling experience.
  • Accepted a job offer in the Washington DC Metro Area.
  • Sold Gunther, my 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit. (This one still stings a little bit, it was my car. Kept it maintained, cleaned and dropped it with some sport springs. A fun drive.
  • Bought a Mazda CX-5 (The official family car)
  • Drove across the country.
    • Made stops in:
      • Salt Lake City, Utah
      • Cheyenne, Wyoming
      • Des Moines, Iowa
      • Chicago, Illinois
      • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    • Didn’t get a chance to take photos of every stop because I was too focused on sticking to our schedule and to make sure Olivia didn’t lose it in her car seat.
  • Found a place to call ‘home’.
  • Realized within the first week of arriving in Virginia, that the drivers are more reckless than drivers in California.
  • Drivers are impatient.
  • People speed everywhere. Regardless if you’re in a parking garage and holding a child.
  • Parents and In-Laws visited us for a week to celebrate Olivia’s 1st Birthday.
  • Got to see the White House, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial.
  • Witnessed the Election Day in DC…But couldn’t stay up to see Donald Trump awarded the winner. (Didn’t find out till I walked into the office the next morning lol)
  • Walked around Georgetown and found a lot of spots that I found cool.
  • Celebrated our first Thanksgiving without our family. Pretty bittersweet…But I did make a Prime Rib Roast, that turned out well.
  • Celebrated Christmas without our family. Really bittersweet.
  • Said goodbye to the final week of 2016 with Olivia’s two front, bottom teeth begin to come out.

Pretty eventful 2016 for me and my family. But all things considered, we are thankful and grateful for everything. Being across the country from our family and friends, really hurts at times. But this is what being out of your comfort zone is all about. This pushes us to explore, get to know new people, and see what this part of the country has to offer. Being a  History nerd, it is pretty neat to be able to drive by historic buildings and battlefield sites that played a significant role in establishing the foundation of this country. But NoVA is way different from California. The humidity is insane…Definitely not used to it. And the people…No offense in generalizing everyone, but people here aren’t really welcoming and don’t get the concept of personal space (especially when paying for your purchase at Target), and some are straight-up snobby/rude. But either way, this is our home…and we are adjusting to this new world of ours.

I guess this section can be for my resolutions for the new year…I’m not sure how successful I’ll be in accomplishing my goals for the year, but I do, want to try and be consistent. Some of my resolutions for 2017 are:

  • Finding a home church.
    • We’ve visited a couple of churches so far, but would be cool to find a place to get plugged into a community for me and my family to get comfortable with.
  • Continue to be work and improve to be a loving Husband and Father.
    • This is basically a goal for the rest of my life, but, I know there are things that I can improve daily, to strengthen my relationship with my wife and daughter.
  • Get back into photography.
    • I want to get back into shooting photos as much as I can. You can say, I’m really inspired to take photos again and look forward in learning and practicing this hobby of mine.
  • Lose weight.
    • I think I’ve reached my limit of having a ‘Dad-Bod’. It’s time to shed some weight. Plain and simple.
  • Manage finances better.
    • This is straight forward.
  • Last, but not least, is refocusing my life to Christ.
    • It’s been a challenge moving to a new area and at times, I have lost my focus…But this is something that I would like to re-gain and maintain in my life and to encourage my wife as well.

Well, I didn’t think I would write this much as I have, but it’s a start. I look forward to this new year and I hope that you find happiness and joy in your path of life.

One day at a time…No need to worry about the ‘what-ifs’.




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