I woke up this morning and immediately got out of bed, looked out the window, and saw some snowflakes falling from the sky. It’s snowing! Now, I didn’t think much, because it didn’t seem it would last long. Since Dar and Livy were still asleep, I went to the kitchen to wash some dishes and prep for breakfast. When Livy finally woke up, I pulled up the blinds and saw a nice dusting of snow. Livy was focused seeing snow and had an expression of “what is that stuff falling?”. The snow fall eventually got stronger and decided to take her out to the courtyard to walk around and experience her first official snowfall. It was so cool to see here take her first steps on the fresh powder and just stop and stare at her surroundings…About a minute, she began exploring the courtyard of Narnia. lol.

DSCF2868 DSCF2867
DSCF2881 DSCF2875
DSCF2885 DSCF2886


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