Don’t have much to say tonight. But, here is a live feed of Earth from the International Space Station. Sure, it’s Friday and a lot of you may not ever see this post. It’s all good.

I saw a headline today that there was a Facebook outage around the world, which led folks to voice their frustration and anger on the issue. I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you’re one of those people who flipped out because you couldn’t access Facebook…

Put the technology piece down and get some fresh air. Read a book. Do some squats. Have a face to face conversation.


Oh, and before you start sharing articles on your feed for all to see, please make sure that the sources are legit and isn’t some click bait site that’ll lead you to click on more garbage links, which will then lead to a phishing/hacking issue for you. Don’t share the ‘fake news’.

Don’t fall for the titles that say “This guy wanted to buy a house, but you won’t guess what happens to him next.”

Need a book recommendation? Here are a few:

A Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Have a nice weekend.

Oh, and #saltbae.


Hello, again. The first week of 2017 is over and work was pretty busy. I think I ended up sleeping around the same time Livy fell asleep (around 10). Even with a full 8+ hours, I still felt tired. But, it’s okay. The weekend is here, so it’s time to relax and hopefully wake up early enough to see some snow fall in the AM.

Tonight we headed to Costco to do some grocery shopping. I kind of didn’t want to go tonight due to the cold weather and the history of dealing. But, we opted to go tonight and not risk having to drive in the snow. (I’m from California, driving in the snow is not a common occurrence) We arrived and was surprised that Costco wasn’t busy! We actually finished our grocery shopping in an hour. Amazing. We headed back home and watched some Paw Patrol.

Oh, yeah…Trolls was a pretty entertaining movie and The Accountant made me want to be a trained assassin, without actually being an accountant lol.

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